...one woman's decision impacts her family's diet....how long can they last without a trip through the drive-thru?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1

The project: Drop fast food from my diet and, since I am the mom, my family's diet as well.

What does this mean? Creating healthy meals at home instead of hitting the drive-thru.

The problem: My family and I have a serious fast food addiction. Why? It's convenient. And although it's rare to have really, outrageously good tasting fast food, some of it is crave-worthy. We eat fast food at least once a week, if not more. (My husband and I tend to eat more fast food when the kids are at school or on nights when they aren't home for dinner.)

This means that we are probably eating fast food at least sixty times per year. Compared to some people, this may not seem excessive. But, when you think about the quality of the food you are eating, it is excessive to eat it more than just once in a blue moon.

Fast food chains have started offering healthier options on their menus for people who are "health" conscious. In reality though, if I had to choose between a garden salad and a double bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings, the burger would win hands down. I don't think I am alone in that....

Maybe you're thinking that I just have a problem with self control. You are probably a little right. But the fast food industry has saturated every part of the modern American life. Just this morning, I was on Facebook and there, on the right hand side of my screen was a little 'like' ad. What was it for? One of the most crave-worthy burgers around....Great. Now all I can think of is stopping there for lunch and grabbing a #2 with grilled onions, no sauce and a Dr. Pepper.

Something has got to change, and since the fast food companies aren't changing anytime soon it has to be me that does the changing! As Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world". The change that I want to see in my world involves living a healthy life, which means making healthy choices. A major part of that would be curbing my fast food addiction and in turn become addicted to healthier foods that I prepare in my own home.

Sounds easy right? Keep in mind that we are a family of six, and the time it takes to prepare food for all of us is sometimes impossible with me working full time, and it's easier to just run through the drive-thru and take advantage of the dollar menu. So my goal is going to be to make meals quickly, that are healthy, affordable and satisfy our craving for the fast food. I think I have my work cut out for me.

First challenge: Lunch. The kids are at school, so it's just me, the hubby and the baby. Normally, we would hit one of the many fast food joints that surround our house...but, since we are saying goodbye to fast food, I need to think of an alternative. I think I will make chicken strips similar to what I would get at that place with the happy star. Stay tuned for the recipe!

Although weight has very little to do with the reason I started this project, I will record my weight weekly to see if there is any change as a side effect of this project. I am also going to record my hubby's weight. Thank you honey, for going along with this, even if I had to twist your arm.
Starting weight: Karen: 176.6 lbs
                          Mat: 242.2 lbs

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