...one woman's decision impacts her family's diet....how long can they last without a trip through the drive-thru?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 3-The Fall

Oh great. So I have had a little bit of a roller coaster day, and I thought that I was going to mess everything up and hit the drive thru early this morning. Lucky for me, I had my best friend (aka partner in crime) with me, and since she was driving I didn't fall like I thought for sure I would.

My best friend's husband was deployed very early this morning. We stood there with him for three hours while he checked in, got his weapon, and waited to leave for Afghanistan from 2am until 5am when we left. It was an amazing experience to witness and I feel truly blessed that I was included in the good-byes. Brad will be missed, and I am praying that he remains safe and that the next seven months fly by quickly for all of us, but especially his family.

Anyway....I thought that I was going to have to go through a 24-hour drive-thru in order to keep my energy up. I normally have a great deal of energy, (being described as a ferret on crack, or hummingbird on speed, or just plain high strung) but pulling an all-nighter is hard for me (especially since I just had surgery 7 days ago). I didn't do it though. Thank goodness....

However.....my husband had to drive to Bakersfield.....and on the way back he stopped and got Jack in the Box for our kids. He assured me that it was ok though, because although he allowed our kids to get fast food, he himself resisted the temptation.

Yes dear, that makes me feel so much better.  (I really hope my sarcasm is coming through as I write this. I am rolling my eyes, but of course, none of you can see that....)

He said the reason that he stopped at Jack was because our 6 year old needed to use the restroom, and the baby began signing frantically the word "eat". Ok.....then why didn't you run to a grocery store? I know that Bakersfield is the middle of nowhere California, but really, they have to have a grocery store somewhere, and it was the middle of the day....so if they have a grocery, it should be open. It would be better to grab a sandwich from the deli counter or even a pack of Uncrustables compared to Jack....

Oh well, I guess I should let it go. He said that he couldn't find a market.....ugh. This is why we have GPS on our cell phones! Men.  (side note: I may be venting, but I truly love and appreciate my husband, and I am amazed that he didn't partake of the Jack. Good job sticking to it!)

I didn't cook today....so no recipes to post. I ate poorly too. Because I didn't get to bed until 6am, I nibbled on cold left over pizza (which was delicious, and is not fast food since we made it ourselves last night). Then, we had our 7, I mean 8 year old's birthday party (Army theme!) so I noshed on some chips and french onion dip, and one slice of chocolate cake. Now that I think about it, that's all I ate. I made the kids some organic, all beef hot dogs for dinner.....hmmm, maybe I should have a snack before bed.....

Now I'm rambling, which means it's time for bed.

We decorated the house today for Halloween, and handmade all the decorations (except the spider webs). I'll post pictures tomorrow of the party, the awesome cake, and the amazing decorations we six made. Good night!


  1. I think that is so cute the way you have taught your baby to sign!

  2. It's really come in handy. He can say 'eat' 'more' 'done' 'drink' 'please' 'thank you' 'diaper' 'cereal' 'apple' 'milk' 'ball' and he is just learning how to say 'bear'. It's the cutest thing really. I absolutely love it when he signs.


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